Welcome to the Roost!

Join us for some 50+ adventures!  Hi, I’m Linda and my husband is Bill.  We like to have a good time and try not to take life too seriously.  Like everyone else, we’ve had challenges and triumphs.  But through it all, we remember what is truly important…each other.  Yes, we disagree (often), but life would be boring if we agreed on everything!

After nearly 30 years together, we landed at the Roost:

‘Ksan Historical Museum & Gift Shop, Hazelton, BC  http://www.robbersroost.ca  http://www.hazeltonstourism.ca/  https://ksan.org/





Our “Roost” is located in a quiet but culturally rich and scenic area known as the “Hazeltons’.”  Situated amidst the towering Roche de Boule mountains in northwestern British Columbia, the Hazeltons’ consist of several small villages, making up a total population of about 5,000 people.  The mountains, rivers, and lakes offer spectacular hiking trails, swimming, boating, and world-class fishing.

New Hazelton is on Highway 16, about 40 kilometers east of the Stewart-Cassiar Junction (Highway #37 North).

The Robber’s Roost Motel is on the east side of New Hazelton, one half block north on Laurier Street and across from Allen Park.

Bill & I enjoy meeting people and invite our guests them to make themselves at home, enjoying the garden and barbeques.  We’ll point you to the right direction for access to hiking trails and restaurants, all within easy walking distance of the motel.  At the end of the day, a beverage on the veranda will help to wind you down for a relaxing evening!

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